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What is 3Dfacemug?

3Dfacemug is literally a 3d face on a mug! We exist to create a cool range of 3Dfacemugs that appeal to both youngsters and adults.

Each facial expression is carefully designed to both inspire you and make you smile! Our mugs can be used at home or outside of your home, all of our mugs are double walled so your favourite drink is kept cooler or hotter for longer! We are continuously working on new designs so come back soon to check out our latest offerings.

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It's often that our mood is a reflection of the faces that surround us.

So our mission is simple; drink happy!

Through our happy and creative designs we want to keep the world smiling with every sip you take from a 3Dfacemug!

(iPoP) inner plastic outer plastic double walled mug

(iSoP) inner stainless outer plastic double walled mug

(iSoS) inner stainless outer stainless double walled mug


We thought it would be important to offer you existing mug formats that match what you can already buy in the shops today. All mug selections are double walled so whether you use your mug for hot coffee or an icy beverage the mug will always be comfortable to handle. All mugs are hand wash only and not microwaveable. All 3Dfaces can fit our choice of mugs and when fully screwed the face will always align with the artwork! If you still have questions then please contact us here.

Why are elephants bad dancers?Because they have two left feet!

What do you call it when a giraffe swallows a toy aircraft?A "plane in the neck"

What do you call a happy penguin? A "Pen-Grin"!

What do Pandas eat for breakfast? Pan-da-cakes!

Turn your favourite character into a 3Dfacemug

Any 3Dface on a mug!

We want to give you every opportunity to be happy in your daily life and we believe our 3Dfacemugs will keep you smiling with your every sip! so at 3Dfacemug we never stop developing new and fun faces for you. Ever! And if you have any special requests do drop us a note and we'll be in touch with when we are able to get this to market for you.

If you are a business with a character license and interested in turning the character into a 3Dfacemug then you'll help our cause to keep millions of people smiling with their every sip! Please enquire with us here.

Personalized 3Dfacemug

A personalized gift is by far more meaningful to gift and to receive. We understand this at 3Dfacemug which is why we are currently creating a personalized 3Dfacemug business package that can be replicated anywhere in the world. You will soon be able to buy 3Dfacemugs unassembled and within your own premises create great looking personalized 3Dfacemugs to sell from your exisiting online sales platform or your store. Personalized 3Dfacemug will be launching October 2016. Contact us if you are interested in this exciting partnership.

About us

3Dfacemug is a small team of experts dedicated to making your drinking experience happier! We believe our mood is often a reflection of the faces that surround us. And given our daily stresses we know a cheeky grin next to you is the best way to get through your day as positively and cheerful as possible.
So our mission is simple; drink happy, be happy!
Through our fun and creative designs we will keep the world smiling with every sip you take from a 3Dfacemug!

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